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Training with Dennis

For the last few weeks I’ve been training legs on Friday with my client and very good friend, Dennis Ceder. It’s really a lot of fun for me because Dennis (who will turn 59 this May) has a great passion for bodybuilding, even though he has been weight training since he was 14 yrs old. The intensity of our leg workouts together has been gaining momentum each week and today was our best workout to date! It’s about 4 hours since we finished our workout and my quads have been threatening to cramp every time I stand up!

Leg Press: 90X30, 180X20, 270X20, 360X20, 450X20, 540X20, 630X20, 680X30, 500X65

Barbell Squats 135X10, 185X10, 225X10X12 (after finishing the leg presses I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do a single squat!)

Leg Curls (these went downhil really fast!) 40X12X8X6

Leg Extensions 80X15, 100X12X12X10 (20 second hold in the contracted position on the last rep of the final 2 sets

On Wednesday I was very busy training clients and then got stuck at the computer answering e-mails about the upcoming Texas Shredder Classic. I missed my workout time and Dennis was kind enough to let me train back with him. My lats are still sore on Friday afternoon!

Close grip Pulldowns 100X12, 130X10, 150X9X9

High Pulley Row 140X8, 160X8, 180X8, 190X6

Nautilus Pullover Machine 80X10X10, 90X10

One arm DB Row 75X12, 85X12, 95X12

Rear Delt Machine Fly 70X12, 80X9, 70X12X12

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