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Touch-And-Go Top Start Deadlifts for Continuous Tension and Growth on Your Posterior Chain Muscles

Deadlifting is straight up one of the best exercises you can do, if not THE best. But regular deadlifts can get a little stale if you do them a lot, which is why it’s good to include some variations of the deadlift in your program on occasion.

This is a great one…very challenging. You’re going to basically start at the TOP of the deadlift instead of starting at the bottom. This makes the exercise more like a squat in that respect.

Your first rep will be a regular deadlift, but instead of setting the bar down fully on the floor, you’re going to just do a “touch and go” rep, where the plates will just lightly graze the floor, you’ll keep the bend in the bar, and you’ll come right back up to the top.

The reason this is one is so good is that’s all about continuous loading on your body.

Because you never fully set the weight down, you’ll keep that load on the entire set (I also recommend grip assistance for this – I’m a BIG fan of 1 Ton Hooks for that).

Here’s what it looks like (and I’m using a trap bar for this, loaded with 500 lbs…if you’ve got one you can use, I would recommend that over a straight bar for this type of training, though straight is also very effective).

Back view – this will allow you to see the bend maintained in the bar at the bottom.

You’ll just lightly touch the bar then come right back up without settling it down onto the ground.

If you’ve never tried this style of deadlift training before, it’ll be an eye-opener.

And just fyi, if you have blood pressure issues, this is probably not going to be a good technique for you because of the constant loading.

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