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Sixth Sense, Honest Reactions

As a photographer, I sometimes feel I possess a “sixth sense” when it comes to capturing images. I get a feeling that something is about to happen or someone is about to do something, and I need to capture it. This past weekend at the Keystone Pro Classic and the Lehigh Valley Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships was no different.

When I was walking around the Stabler Arena, I saw this young woman in a warm up suit walking around; actually I saw more than I could shake a stick at. Obviously, she was a figure competitor. Her beauty and poise caught my eye as she walked by me on my way to the press pit.

I was on assignment to cover the Pro show only but had to claim my press pit seat prior to the beginning of the Lehigh Valley show. I had no choice but sit through the first show to ensure having a good seat. Having to do this gave me an opportunity to make exposure and lighting adjustments on my camera. I always seize an opportunity of this sort, especially when lighting conditions are unknown.

About three-quarters through the Lehigh Valley show, the Women’s Figure competition started. When the Figure C competitors came out on the stage, the young woman I saw earlier, appeared on stage. I soon had a name to go with the body when Bill Grant announced her name, Jillian Koscielecki, #37. Something told me to keep my camera focused on her. Taking a few shots of her here and there as she went through her routine, I still had a feeling I was about to capture something unexpected.

As they brought out the top 5 in Figure C, Jill was one of them. I popped off a few more shots of her and checked my exposure settings. As Bill announced the 5th, 4th and 3rd place winners, I realized that Jill and Jennifer Wickersham, #32, were up for 1st and 2nd place. Then, Bill called out the winner and unknowingly to him, he surprised the winner big time, it was Jill. She was even surprised, and I captured her honest reaction to the announcement. Congratulations Jill and thanks for a great photo!


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