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The Seeds Of Fat Loss

When scientists fed test animals Nigella sativa seeds, also known as black cumin, the testosterone levels of the critters shot up dramatically. When a similar trial was conducted on humans, the subjects didn’t experience a hormonal boost, but they did lose a lot of body fat.

In the test, conducted at the Sam Ratulangi University School of Medicine in Indonesia, half of the subjects took 1,500 milligrams of Nigella sativa extract in capsule form twice a day for three months. The other subjects were given a placebo. The group that took the spice lost almost 10 pounds of bodyweight and saw a significant reduction in waist circumference. (Blood pressure decreased as well.)

In the study, scientists concluded that a larger dose for a longer duration would most likely produce a more dramatic effect. Black cumin seed oil has shown to offer other health benefits, like boosting the immune system and exerting anti-inflammatory properties, making it an intriguing supplement for fitness enthusiasts.

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