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The pump is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Your muscles expand, your veins dilate, and your physical appearance drastically improves. But a good pump isn’t just for short-term aesthetics. Enhanced blood flow to your muscles helps speed recovery by transporting vital anabolic nutrients that support superior gains in the gym. This is why athletes commonly search for blood flow–enhancing agents that can take their pumps to the next level.

At the center of any good blood flow–stimulating formula is arginine. This amino acid is used to produce nitric oxide, the key molecular signal in our veins that controls and regulates blood flow. But you may be surprised to learn that research supporting the benefits of arginine supplements is scarce, with some studies showing little to no enhancement in blood flow with supplementation. This has largely been attributed to arginine’s poor bioavailability and rapid breakdown in the body. So the amino acid contained in most nitric oxide (NO) formulas on the market today actually has less-than-optimal results on NO production and hence, blood flow.

However, a new and extremely effective form of arginine has been developed to increase nitric oxide levels. This compound is called Nitrosigine. This inositol-stabilized arginine silicate is shown in scientific studies to significantly boost nitric oxide in the body. Pre-clinical research has shown Nitrosigine to be superior to traditional arginine-boosting products, eliciting up to five times greater increases in blood flow. These results were validated in a 2014 human clinical trial demonstrating the ability of Nitrosigine to significantly increase nitric oxide levels.

Even more impressive, a recent groundbreaking clinical study at the Miami Research Associates Laboratory in Florida showed that Nitrosigine can create massive muscle pumps among weight lifters and can even improve energy, focus, and concentration, plus expedite recovery. Sixteen male subjects (ages 19 through 33) participated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study in which they ingested either 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine or a placebo for four days. During this period, resistance exercise was performed after supplementation on days one and four. Results showed that Nitrosigine increased leg-muscle pumps by 225 percent, reduced muscle damage by 39 percent, and heightened perceived energy levels 183 percent more than the placebo. The unique compound also enhanced focus and concentration just 15 minutes after use. In addition, Nitrosigine worked immediately after one single dose, but was even better after four days of use.

Nitric oxide–producing pathways require oxygen to operate and naturally become restricted during high-intensity anaerobic exercise. However, there are dozens of recent exciting research studies demonstrating a new and novel pathway that works independent of arginine and requires no oxygen to increase nitric oxide. Research shows that supplementation with nitrates and nitrites can accomplish this highly desirable effect. Typically, you can find these nutrients in spinach or red beets; however, supplemental doses have been used in studies and led to very promising results.

For effective muscle pumps in the gym, you should search for supplements containing clinically the efficacious dose of 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine. The only blood flow formula today that offers the recommended dose in a single serving is Clinical Strength NO-Bomb by MHP. In addition to Nitrosigine, NO-Bomb also contains nitrates and nitrites from red beet extract to boost NO levels during oxygen-depleted periods of exercise. It boasts a blend of unique nitric oxide–sustaining agents, which have been shown to prolong and extend nitric oxide in the body.

Increased vasodilation leads to improved nutrient delivery to muscle tissue, increased removal of toxic by-products caused by exercise, greater muscle growth, and faster recovery. To maximize the benefits of every weight-training workout, you need higher nitric oxide levels. Clinical Strength NO-Bomb delivers the NO you need to get bigger and stronger in less time. IM


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