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Memory, Coregasms and Happiness

7208-mind3• According to the September ’12 Health, walking outside can improve your memory and attention span by 20 percent. That’s from the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, which probably doesn’t have a roof on the building.

In that same issue of Health the word of the month is coregasm. It’s defined as “an exercise-induced orgasm that happens when you’re doing crunches or other moves that engage the ab muscles.” Apparently a study published in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy found that 51 percent of women surveyed have experienced it. If men did, the entire gym would be full of ab equipment.

• According to the May ’13 Prevention, savoring something equals happiness. Researchers at New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington had more than 100 men and women keep diaries, recording “pleasant events” and how much they savored or “squelched” them. Results: “Savorers got more pleasure by stopping to focus on a good thing, telling someone else about it or even screaming in delight.” Exactly why I scream during squats—I am savoring the pleasant experience (yeah, right).

—Steve Holman


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