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The Breakfast Debate


A new salvo has been launched in the never-ending Breakfast Battle. Conventional wisdom decrees that a large breakfast followed by meals of descending caloric content is a recipe for weight loss.

However, a study published in Nutrition Journal found that a large morning meal leads to greater daily caloric intake and more bodyweight in those who indulge in a big breakfast.

Researchers in the study concluded that absolute breakfast calories have the strongest influence on daily energy intake. When subjects ate a more moderate breakfast, their overall food consumption for the day was moderate as well.

Plenty of research suggests the opposite effect, and many people have success with zero-calorie mornings such as those who do cardio on an empty stomach or engage in intermittent fasting.

The one fact seems to be that the morning meal is important, but whether a large meal or a light one works best is up to the individual to find out for themselves.

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