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Product Spotlight: Lean Action Maximum Strength by Reaction Nutrition


LeanAction-60capsAny fatburner can make someone’s face melt with an insane onslaught of caffeine derivatives and then hide behind the “hardcore” identity when athletes are unhappy with the blunt instrument approach to priming their body for a tough workout. Reaction Nutrition’s fatburner formula Lean Action Maximum Strength has all the stimulatory powers to help you flip that beast mode switch, but applies them in a way that is smart and thoughtful to the end-user.

Lean Action Maximum Strength provides extreme energy and focus in the gym, while also supercharging the metabolism to burn more calories and helping to reduce excess water retention. The showpiece active ingredient in the formula is TeaCrine, a concentrated and efficient form of the natural stimulant theacrine, which is found in tea leaves, coffee beans, and some exotic fruits. The patent-pending substance is similar to caffeine but with one major upside. Preliminary studies suggests that unlike caffeine, the body does not build a tolerance to theacrine. Caffeine’s effects on the body will start to lose their edge after about seven days of use, but theacrine continues to exert as robust a response as it does on the very first day you take it.

Another standout ingredient in the formula is a controlled-release form of capsicum extract that uses a new technology called Capsimax to deliver fat-incinerating capsaicinoids without the burning feeling that can squelch a workout by forming in your stomach, throat, or mouth. Capsicum is a proven player in helping mobilize fat stores, and this is another example of the way Reaction Nutrition can tweak a foundational ingredient and make it a better experience for the athlete in the gym.

Lean Action Maximum Strength is suitable for men or women, but they also make Lean Action Sexy, which is specifically targeted to the needs of female physique athletes. Lean Action Sexy also uses TeaCrine and Capsimax but with lighter doses of stimulants that results in a cleaner energizing effect for women’s smaller frames. (If a female athlete is not experienced with caffeine-containing fatburner formulas, Lean Action Sexy is probably a better choice than Lean Action Maximum Strength.) Lean Action Sexy also contains several active ingredients that are designed to balance and support estrogen.

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