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Team Universe

I just got home a few hours ago from NYC.  The NPC Team Universe was an awesome experience!  I placed 2nd to Chris Faildo in the welterweight class.  Chris, who has won his class at the TU many times, also won the overall… maybe I was the second best guy in the whole show.  I like to think of it that way :)

On Friday and Saturday I was at my all-time best condition.  My skinfolds were the lowest I’ve ever measured them.  I felt good and went into the prejudging with a lot of confidence.  I was a bit disappointed with the speed of judging.  In 25 years of  competition I’ve never been on and off stage so quickly.  Maybe my class was very easy to judge, but I think we deserved a little longer look than what we got.

With the men going last at the Finals, Saturday was a very long day!  Alot of people told me that they thought I would win my class, but placing 2nd was pretty good for my first shot at the Team Universe.  Chris looked great on Friday and even better on Saturday.  I have to give him credit.  He’s an outstanding champion!

All in all, the Team Universe was a great experience!

Now for the bad news…..after the contest I stumbled into the foot of the bed in the hotel room and tore my hamstring on my left leg very badly.  I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow, but I’m afraid that I ruptured the biceps femoris tendon. 

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