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Team Universe Bound

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading out of Austin at 6:30 am, traveling to NYC for the 2009 NPC Team Universe.  Many of you may be thinking ” but Dave, you already got your pro card!”.  Yes, I have qualified to compete as an IFBB Pro and I will do that next year.  But, before I step up to the next level I want to take one more shot at the Team Universe.  I would like to be on the US Team to the IFBB World Championships.  I just think that would be an experience of a lifetime!

Since the North American I have stayed very focused.  I haven’t missed a workout or a cardio session other than the 2 days that I spent in Mike Neveux’s studio.  But, that was extremely hard work!!!  I didn’t need any additional workouts or cardio on those days!!!

This morning I weighed 172.0 lbs and pinched at 2.5% on the Skindex skinfold calipers….and I’m sodium loading, so I think I’ll be able to get my skin a little thinner when I decrease my sodium intake on Friday.  I’m just hoping that I can get down to the welterweight limit of 165.25 for weigh-in tomorrow afternoon, then get some food and water back in and step on stage at about 170 on Friday night.  Stay tuned!!!

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