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All posts tagged "Injury & Prevention"

  • 2 workouts

    I didn’t intend to workout twice today, it just kinda happened. Brenda and I finally got our schedules matched up and...

    Blog PostDave GoodinSeptember 6, 2007
  • Physical Therapy

    A week ago I had my first check-up with my doctor since my hamstring reattachment surgery.  He prescribed physical therapy and told me...

    Blog PostDave GoodinAugust 21, 2007
  • Singular leg workout

    I had to do a singular leg workout solo today.  When you only have one leg to stand on, it sure...

    Blog PostDave GoodinAugust 14, 2007
  • First workout after surgery

    Today I met Brenda at Gold’s for my first workout after my tendon reattachment surgery. The leg is so swollen (all...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJuly 24, 2007
  • Recovering

    Dr. Thomas Burns repaired my ruptured biceps femoris tendon on Friday. He’s really good. He reattached my biceps tendon on my...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJuly 22, 2007
  • Chest with Brenda

    Well, today I got a good chest workout with my gorgeous friend, Brenda. It was great to see her again We...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJuly 18, 2007