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A week ago I had my first check-up with my doctor since my hamstring reattachment surgery.  He prescribed physical therapy and told me that he wants me to do some very gentle stretching to get the leg straightened back out.  We scheduled another check-up for Sept. 11, and he said that at that time if I can straighten it all the way, then he will let me walk in the brace without the crutches.  I guarantee you that I will be able to straighten my leg by this time next week!!!  Because of my busy schedule and my trip to California last week, I was unable to get in to physical therapy.  I had my first session this afternoon.  My therapist, Liz,  was pretty impressed with my progress so far.  I’m only 8 degrees away from straight.  She did a thorough anazlysis and gave me some do’s and dont’s.  I’ll go back for a follow-up next Tuesday with Liz.

dsc02985.jpgI’m pretty amazed at the change in my injured leg since I started stretching it last Tuesday.  It was so pathetic looking!!!  For the first 3 and a half weeks it was confined to the cast/brace and I wasn’t allowed to even flex it.  Just from flexing my quad and gently stretching the hamstring it has improved dramatically.  I wish I had taken a photo of it last Tuesday, but I didn’t think about it (and my digital camera got broken in the luggage coming back from the Team Universe).

My buddy, Jerry Hermanto, is preparing for a show this weekend.  He was coming over to work on posing so I got him to bring his camera and take the pics that I’ve included here. 

Jerry has been working with Dr. Joe on his contest diet and is in the best shape of his life.  He’s coming back for more posing on Thursday and I’ll get some pics of him at that session to post here.  David Nall is competing in the same show and is looking incredible!

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