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  • Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Set Goals

    1. Point: Clearly identifying what you want rather than simply working hard and allowing fate to do the rest does bring...

    Blog PostTom TerwilligerDecember 22, 2011
  • Friday Update—NAC and WPD on My Mind

    Another big pro qualifier went down last weekend in Cleveland, where promoter Gary Udit drew a record 550-plus athletes at the...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanSeptember 9, 2011
  • Team Universe 1—Fit Nat’s Blast Six New Divas into the Pro Zone

    The NPC’s 2011 program of huge national shows marched on last weekend with the Team Universe, which was held in Teaneck,...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanJuly 14, 2011
  • Fitness Update—Say Aloha to the Pros

    Fitness overall honors at the ’10 Junior Nationals on June 17 and 18—and a pro card—went to Nicole Venzara, a cheerleader...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanJune 25, 2011
  • Canadian Women (Among Others) Rocked the Toronto Pro

    I would point out that last weekend was a huge one for NPC and IFBB physique competitions, but sometimes it seems...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanJune 24, 2011
  • Arnold Classic Goes Global

    Well true to form, Arnold has done it again. The man that made bodybuilding a household word… is taking the well...

    Blog PostDavid YoungJune 13, 2011
  • Junior USA—More New Pros

    Is it June already? It must be because we are finally finished with the August IRON MAN. (Don’t become a magazine...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanJune 3, 2011
  • Fitness at the J-USA

    Paula Williams-Gulman took the A-class and overall, no cop-out. She’s going to the next level. (Photo courtesy of

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanJune 3, 2011
  • Mid-May Break—but It’s a Short One

    A pause in the busy spring schedule provides a moment to highlight a competitor who really caught my eye in the...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMay 15, 2011
  • Regiane Reigns at the FIBO Power Pro Fitness

    No mystery re my failure to report the results of the FIBO Power Pro Women’s Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, which took...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMay 3, 2011
  • New York Pro Fitness: Camela’s Big Win in the Big Apple

    Sure, she was the favorite, but Camela Rodriguez more than earned her first-place finish at the New York Pro Fitness on...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanApril 11, 2011
  • Weekend Update 2: Fired Up in Fort Lauderdale

    Wow, do I wish I’d been in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this weekend, when 16 performance-ready fitness pros hit the stage at...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanNovember 21, 2010
  • Week’s End

    I’m looking forward to attending the Tournament of Champions Pro Bikini show tomorrow in Culver City, California. By the time the...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanSeptember 9, 2010
  • Olympia Predictions, Updates and Confessions

    A week or so ago I went down to Mike Neveux’s studio to record my Olympia predictions, and the video on...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanSeptember 2, 2010
  • Super Show—a Showcase for First-Time Champs

    My first reaction as the results of the IFBB Europa Super Show pro competition started coming last evening: L.T. must be...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanAugust 13, 2010