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  • Watch Your Fuel Gauge

    When driving your car,  you watch your gas gauge to make sure you have enough fuel to get where you are...

    Blog PostJohn RowleyJanuary 26, 2012
  • Mangia ~ Lets Eat!

    Ok, so you got my new book, The Power of Positive Fitness and you want to really rock and roll with...

    Blog PostJohn RowleyJanuary 25, 2012
  • Bill Phillips Shows You How To Get “Your Body For Life”

    Positive Fitness Radio with John Rowley Listen to internet radio with johnrowley on Blog Talk Radio

    Blog PostJohn RowleyJanuary 8, 2012
  • Be Fat Free In 2012!

    Why Is Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle The Best Selling E-Book In Internet History, With Thousands Of Satisfied (And Now...

    Blog PostJohn RowleyJanuary 2, 2012
  • CBS Early Show Today

    This was a very quick interview on the Early Show today that I thought you would like to see.  

    Blog PostJohn RowleyDecember 30, 2011
  • Does Lower Calories = Lower Body Fat?

    I could write a treatise on the benefits of low-calorie dieting. Granted, the subject is not that popular these days. Most...

    Blog PostJon BensonDecember 23, 2011
  • Cheat Meal or No Cheat Meal?

    I am one of those diet coaches who definitely believes in the value of giving cheat meals to my competitors. There...

    Contest Diet PsychologySharon OrtigasMarch 18, 2010