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  • Guest posing at the Capital of Texas Roundup

    Here are some photos by my friend, David Nall. I posed to Pimp Juice by Neely. It was fun, but kinda...

    Blog PostDave GoodinAugust 10, 2007
  • More pics from the Capital of Texas Roundup

    I have more pics gradually coming to me. I’ll post more this afternoon (if I can remember to pick up the...

    Blog PostDave GoodinAugust 8, 2007
  • NPC Capital of Texas Roundup

    Yesterday I attended the NPC Capital of Texas Roundup, promoted by my best buddy, Cecil “CBX” Ballard.  I was afraid that...

    Blog PostDave GoodinAugust 5, 2007
  • Team Universe

    I just got home a few hours ago from NYC.  The NPC Team Universe was an awesome experience!  I placed 2nd...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJuly 16, 2007
  • NPC South Texas Bodybuilding Championships

    Last night I won the Open Overall and the Masters divsion at the NPC South Texas Bodybuilding Championships. I had a...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJuly 1, 2007
  • Brenda and I at the NPC Lackland Classic

    Dave and Brenda at the NPC Lackland Classic. November 2006

    Blog PostDave GoodinJune 25, 2007