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Guest posing at the NPC Ironman Alaska

I got back home from Juneau, Alaska on Monday afternoon. I had a ton of e-mails to return and plenty of work to do at the gym, not to mention keeping up with my workouts. I’ll get my workouts posted up tomorrow, but I need to spend a little time tonight writing about my weekend.

The weekend in Juneau at the Ironman Alaska Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships was an absolute blast! Corey Pavitt, owner of Pavitt Health and Fitness in Juneau, Alaska was promoter of this inaugural event. Not only did he bring bodybuilding to Juneau, he brought drug-tested bodybuilding to Juneau. Anytime you promote a drug-tested show, you kinda go out on a limb because you’re definitely cutting down on your pool of prospective participants. I applaud Corey for his courage and his effort! While the show was relatively small, his enthusiam was contagious and EVERYONE had a fantastic time! Most of the athletes were first-time competitors and I think with their experience at Corey’s show, they are all hooked.

Personally, I don’t know if I’ve ever had so much fun at a show. I had the pleasure of meeting renowned bodybuilding author, Dennis Weis (we were both on the judging panel), and having corresponded with him since I returned home, he echoed my sentiments about how much fun the show was. Not only did I get to meet Dennis, it was also my pleasure to spend some time getting to know IFBB Fitness Pro, Nicole Rollolazo. Nicole is an absolute gem of a person and her routine was one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen (and I attended the Fitness Olympia this year)! Former NPC Masters National Champion, Philip Bradfield was the head judge and it was my pleasure to get to visit with him and listen to some of his insights on nutrition. All of the athletes were so nice and so enthusiastic that the audience had a wonderful time and was very vocal and appreciative!

I should point out too, for those of you who have never been to Juneau that the scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the hometown people just as wonderful. Keep an eye on the NPC calendar for this show next year. It’s going to grow. If you want to do a drug-free show, do mine (The Texas Shredder Classic) in the spring and do the Ironman Alaska in the fall. Corey is already planning improvements for his show next year and will be working to try to secure special rates with Alaska Airlines for all of us who want to attend from outside of Juneau. I would highly recommend making the trip to Juneau to compete!

Ace NPC photographer Mark Mason was also in attendance at the event. Mark is a great photographer and a top notch guy, and will be providing me with photos to post here. I’m sure at this point he has already traveled down to Dallas (from Seattle) for the NPC Nationals and hasn’t yet received my e-mail requesting photos. Below are the results of the show. Stay tuned for photos soon!

2007 Alaska Ironman Results


Cinzia Massaro Clapp – Chugiak 1st Jamie Miller – Juneau 2nd

Angela Hubbs – Juneau 3rd


Cinzia Massaro Clapp – Chugiak 1st Deborah Harney – Ketchikan 2nd

Jamie Miller – Juneau 3rd

Masters Men ( Over 40 )

Jack Phipps – Fairbanks 1st Keith Oney – Juneau 2nd

Troy Burns – North Pole 3rd

Novice Men

H. Keith Oney – Juneau 1st Open Middle weight Men

Troy Burns – North Pole 1stOpen Light heavyweight Men

Jack Phipps – Fairbanks 1st Overall Champion Rhyan Ferguson – Juneau 2nd

Shawn Clapp – Chugiak 3rd

Masters Women ( Over 35 )

Joelle Miller – Fairbanks 1st Juanita Reese – Juneau 2nd

Grand Masters Women ( Over 50 )Deborah Harney – Ketchikan 1st Overall ChampionSheri Williams – Juneau 2nd

Vicki Phipps – Fairbanks 3rd

Open LW Women

Joel Miller – Fairbanks 1st Vicki Phipps – Fairbanks 2nd

Juanita Reese – Juneau 3rd

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