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NPC Capital of Texas Roundup

Yesterday I attended the NPC Capital of Texas Roundup, promoted by my best buddy, Cecil “CBX” Ballard.  I was afraid that Cecil was going to have a stroke before the show got started.  There was one snag after another up until the start of the show, but we got all the problems solved and the show went really really well.  I did a guest posing routine to Pimp Juice, complete with a purple pimp outfit and bling.  I had to buy some canes to make it out on the stage without my crutches.  I still can’t put any weight on my injured leg, but I got through it and got a great response.  It was alot of fun and people were amazed at the shape I was in without having done any cardio, squats or deadlifts for the last 3 weeks.  My friend Charles Fuller won the men’s open overall.  Charles is 100% drug free and blew everyone else off the stage.  Nobody else was even close…and this wasn’t a drug tested show.

My training partners Brenda Mikalajunas and Abby Marie both competed in the show and both looked absolutely amazing!!!  I thought surely they would both win their height classes and would end up competing against each other for the overall.  But, it wasn’t meant to be on this day.  They both placed second in their figure classes.  Nevertheless, I was so proud of both of them!  The both looked so incredible!!!

Pictured above is contest sponsor and owner of City Blends, Richard Stone, contest promoter Cecil Ballard, and me.  We’re contemplating the stereotyping of bodybuilders as all brawn and no brain….

Stayed tunned, I’ll be posting more pics from the show as I receive them.

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