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More pics from the Capital of Texas Roundup

image019.jpgI have more pics gradually coming to me. I’ll post more this afternoon (if I can remember to pick up the photo disk from David Nall). David, besides being a very good competitor, takes great on stage photos. I can’t wait to see what he got! There’s also a photo of Lori Pavesi. She was 3rd in the Figure A. I really thought it was close between her and Abby Marie for first in that class. Lori competeted in my show, placing 4th in the figure and winning the model search. She’s extremely lean (one of the few clients I’ve had to beg to eat more calories!) and has tremedous stage presence! I have photos of overall champion, the super-shredded Charles Fuller. Charles is also completely natural. I was so proud of the way he blew away the competition in a non-drug tested show!

image006.jpgimage011.jpgimage012.jpgimage008.jpgloritexasroundup.jpgAlso got a great pic with my training partner, Brenda Mikalajunas, and Ms. Fitness Olympia, Adela Garcia. Adela is very sweet and her posing routine was beyond amazing!!! If you ever get a chance to see her in action, don’t miss it!!!


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