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NPC Nationals


w-jm.JPGw-adela-15.JPGYesterday I crawled out to bed at 3:45am to meet my buddy, Cecil Ballard (NPC Texas Vice-Chairman) and head up to Dallas for the Nationals. Cecil and I always have such a great time together and this trip was no exception! It was an absolute blast! I got to see a bunch of old bodybuilding friends, meet fans, and also meet some folks who I really admire. Right now I’m really tired but, the ones who come immediately to mind are Lisa Aukland, John Kemper, Lee Haney and J.M. Manion (J.M. and I got introduced about 10 times yesterday…it got kinda humorous).

Anyway, I’m going to post a few pics here and get on to bed. I’ll write more about the Nationals trip tomorrow. Until then…


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