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Still trying to recover

I seem to need more recovery than I thought!  I would swear that when I originally posted this blog I had written some text.  Whatever the case, I still haven’t fully recovered from the Texas Shredder Classic.  My bodyweight is still down,  my joints are really sore and my strength is lacking right now.


On May 2nd I lifted in the Hyde Park Gym Push/Pull Meet trying to defend my title from last year.  Unfortunately with the loss of weight the previous week (about 6 lbs) I was still weak and didn’t lift well.  I was able to deadlift a little more than last year (455 lbs), but I got buried by 295 in the bench press.  I was much stronger several weeks prior to the meet when I benched 285 lbs and deadlift 465 lbs in workouts.

Massive Ronald Strahan took the men’s title and the women’s champion was none other than my gorgeous training partner, Marivel Fortenberry!  Surprisingly both were lifting in their first competition ever!

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