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ZAP! Raye’s Back!

Was chatting with Jaguar Jon Lindsay Thursday night about the ‘Cal next weekend in Culver City, and he told me about what he thought might be an interesting item. Raye Hollitt, AKA “Zap” during her American Gladiator days, and one-time high level NPC bodybuilder, will be returning to the stage.

But, not in the Heavyweight division of bodybuilding, where Raye made her mark over two decades back; she won the Overall at the Los Angeles Championships in 1988, and was second in the class at both the ‘Cal and Nationals in 1992. In this life, Hollitt will be battling against the other competitors in the Open and 45+ Figure categories.

I needed a goal to get in shape, so why not make it the ‘Cal,” says Raye. “I was thinking about the LA but, after getting the “bug” to compete again after seeing all of you cronies at the Orange County, I didn’t want to wait that long.”

Hollitt will be bringing a long a pretty young lady to do her hair and make-up—her 18-year-old daughter, Teddie Ray.

Raye tells me she should be about 137 (at 5’5 ½”) “if I stay on track.”. Am sure you will, Zap…will be fun announcing your name from the podium once again.

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