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Steve Chen

In high school he just wanted to be “cool” and not stereotypically “skinny.” So Steve Chen joined the football team and started lifting weights. Ultimately, he dropped football, and at 18 he joined a real gym and was on his way. Taking his cue from other trainees, Steve discovered that there was a lot of great information in magazines like IRON MAN, and he became a self-described gym rat. Even when he went on to the University of California, Santa Barbara, and UCLA to get his B.S. in marine biology, he took weightlifting classes.

Steve worked at various jobs along the way and credits the gym for keeping him out of trouble as a kid. It was his outlet in life for a better way of doing things, a lifestyle of health and fitness. Interestingly, marine biology turned out not to be his real calling, at least at the moment. He did take to the seas, however, and has worked for a cruise ship company for some time now.

His jobs have taken him on almost 30 cruises, and he says the ships have some really nice gyms. Along the way he’s seen Barcelona, Croatia, Ipeta, Nice, Cannes, Mykonos, London, Saint Thomas, Haiti, Seattle, Hawaii, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Bangkok, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Florida, New York and Tahiti—and those are just the places he names off the top of his head. I’d say that’s pretty cool. A great way to go to the gym.

In the meantime, as he was searching for better prices on supplements, Steve found That quickly took him to BodySpace, where he found “like-minded people focused on what I like to do.”

So click on over to, and look for “ChenSteve”—that is, BodySpace
.com/ChenSteve. See what he’s up to and ask him about his travels and his other favorite sport, scuba diving.

—Ian Sitren

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