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Steroids… the good, the bad and the ugly!

Sooner or later you are going to be faced with a decision about Performance Enhancing Drugs; Anabolic steroids, hGH, anti –estrogens, EPO, insulin and others. I’ve always believed and still believe that this needs to be a personal decision between you and a competent medical professional and not a government regulated issue.

Our entire society thrives on competition and rewards winning athletes. We savor the win like it’s a piece of gold left on the highway. I have been around, trained with and been friends with performance enhancing drug users in bodybuilding, football, baseball, boxing, track & field and mixed martial arts. At one time, I was one of them. I would say the most influential factor in a decision to take these drugs is, not now and will not ever be, the associated health risks.

People take steroids for the promise that they will be a winner in their chosen field. Recognition, fame and earning power are the biggest influences.

While regulation from government and the sporting authorities held the promise of lowering drug use, the fact is, today drugs in sports are more prevalent than ever and worse yet the dosages are far higher than in the past.

Can you achieve muscle building success without performance enhancing drugs? Yes… with the right nutrition plan, training routine, supplements and most importantly the right mind-set. There are absolute muscular marvels who have passed every drug test imaginable.

The video I’m posting here tells one man’s story about training and drugs. He didn’t lose his health, he didn’t get arrested and he didn’t get banned from competition. He lost something even more valuable. This is a must watch to anyone who’s ever faced the question.

David Patterson – Stronger: A bodybuilding Documentary.

Instantized Creatine- Gains In Bulk

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