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Results Episode—Shreveport to New York

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last entry—I confess. Nothing like cross-country travel plus family to bring a knockout bug when you get home. Lots has happened in the world of women’s physique competition of all sizes since my trip to Pittsburgh.

At the Optimum Nutrition Classic on May 12 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Monica Specking, the ’10 NPC National champ, found the right formula after a couple of seasons of ups and downs to nail her first win—but just barely. Runner-up Jami DeBernard was only a point behind in the tough 10-woman lineup.

A week later at New York Pro on May 18, Candice Keene and India Paulino picked up another win each in figure and bikini, respectively, but the big story was the entry—and victory—of former figure athlete Julianna Malacarne in women’s physique. The Brazilian-born Malacarne, a shapely mesomorph who was everyone’s ideal of a too-big-for-figure/perfect-for-physique competitor, walked onstage in her very first effort at posing and proved everyone right. Twenty-nine women hit the stage at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in what proved to be the most competitive pro women’s physique contest of the new sport’s first season. More up-and-coming talent, Teresita Morales and Penpraghai Tiangnok, took second and third, respectively. Check out the complete results below; the list of athletes who tied for 16th was impressive.

Photos of Juliana Malacarne (top) and Monica Specking courtesy of

Find the results of all of the above shows below:

’12 IFBB Optimum Classic Pro Figure
1) Monica Specking
2) Jami DeBernard
3) Ann Titone
4) Kim Sheppard
5) Yolanda Alvarado
6) Kristi Tauti
7) Rosalind Vanterpool
8) Thea Erichsen
9) Eleni Plakitsi
10) Annisa Payne

’11 IFBB New York Pro Women’s Physique
1) Juliana Malacarne
2) Teresita Morales
3) Penpraghai Tiangnok
4) Ayanna Carroll
5) Joele Smith
6) Jennifer Smythe
7) Melissa DiBernardo
8) Carrie Simmons
9) Jennifer Hernandez
10) Stacy Simmons-McDowell
11) Jane Santos
12) Jillian Reville
13) Marlinea Echohawk
14) Karen Gatto
15) Cassandra Floyd
16) Tammy Patnode
16) Louise Rogers
16) Petra Mertl
16) Marina Lopez
16) Dana Linn Bailey
16) Debbie Barrable-Leung
16) Michelle Blank
16) Laura Boisacq
16) Dayana Cadeau
16) Rose-Anne Duvigneaud
16) Nathalie Falk
16) Heather Grace
16) Aurelia Grozajova
16) Maria Alegre

’12 IFBB New York Pro Figure
1) Candice Keene
2) Heather Dees
3) Ava Cowan
4) Monica Specking
5) Candice John
6) Andrea Cantone
7) Aleisha Hart
8) Tara Scotti
9) Allison Frahn
10) Mona Muresan
11) Angela Mraz
12) Jacqueline Hoppe
13) Caroline Hernandez
14) Maria Luisa Baeza-Diaz
15) Melisa Brooke Erickson
16) Angelica Nebbia
16) Eleni Plakitsi
16) Elizabeth Maurice
16) Ginette Delhaes
16) Katherynne Ramirez
16) Laura Tolonen
16) Leah Berti
16) Melanie Becker De Palma
16) Patrice Vignola
16) Ryan Hays-Althoff
16) Thea Erichsen
16) Tiffany Archer
16) Yolando Sauri

’12 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Results
1) India Paulino
2) Jaime Baird
3) Yeshaira Robles
4) Abby Burrows
5) Diana Graham
6) Taylor Matheny
7) Tawna Eubanks
8) Jessica Arevalo
9) Juliana Daniell
10) Talia Terese
11) Kristy Robbins
12) Heather Nappi
13) Bernadett Matassa
14) Kristal Martin
15) Skye Taylor
16) Cecile Palacios
16) Janet Harding
16) Melinda Janiszweski
16) Sandy Avelar

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