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Cal Pro Figure—Upward Mobility for Jami

The scores were oh-so close at the Cal Pro Figure on May 26, but at the end of the evening,  Jami DeBernard had scored the win, the first of her 10-month pro career. How close was it? So close that only single point separated DeBernard from runner-up Allison Frahn, who slid in ahead of third-placer Tamara Montoya by another lone point at the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Culver City— 9-10-11.
So close that fourth- and fifth-placers Meriza DeGuzman-Cicconi and Kimberly Sheppard were tied at 28 points apiece until the high and low votes were added back in for the tie-breaker. DeGuzman squeezing into fourth, her best finish since 2009.

Re the top three: It was not hard to see why the scores were so close. All three were in excellent condition and improved from their previous show. I was particularly impressed with the third-placer, Montoya, who looked even better than she had at her pro debut in Pittsburgh, where she was fifth. The ’11 USA class winner has a lovely package of curves and muscle, and it won’t be a shock if she lands in the winner’s circle before the season’s end.

Ditto for Frahn, who’s been on course to find her own winner’s circle since she got her pro card at the Team Universe last year, her drop to ninth at the New York Pro a week earlier notwithstanding.

For Jami, who was already qualified for the ’12 Olympia, the month of May has brought a series of one-point skirmishes as she inched her way to the top. Third in Pittsburgh on the May 5, second at the Optimum Classic on the 12th and victory at the Cal. For Allison and Tamara, their placings here have brought about some interesting developments in the Olympia points derby. Remember that the five athletes with the biggest point totals earn invites to the big show in September. As of this writing, Allison Frahn is in the lead  and Tamara Montoya is third.

That could well change this weekend, as the busiest event of the pro season is taking place in Canada. The Toronto Pro Supershow  features lineups in men’s and women’s bodybuilding plus fitness, figure, bikini and men’s and women’s physique. That’s one big bonanza of bodies in bikinis (and board shorts), so stay tuned.

Photo of Cal Pro top five (from left): Meriza DeGuzman-Ciccione, Allison Frahn, Jami DiBernard, Tamara Montoya and Kim Sheppard.

Here are the complete results:

’12 IFBB California Pro Figure
1) Jami DeBernard
2) Allison Frahn
3) Tamara Montoya
4) Meriza DeGuzman-Ciccioni
5) Kimberly Sheppard
6) Olga Maria Morales Gallardo
7) Julia Aragon
8) Kristi Tauti
9) Natalie Waples
10) Julie Mayer Hyman
11) Wendy Fortino
12) Meredith Berthelson
13) Monica Escalante
14) Anna Larsson
15) Charmayne Jackson
16) Deborah Denio

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