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Resetting Your Success Thermostat

If you have ever wondered WHY no matter how hard you struggle, sacrifice, or work you always seem to wind up in the same place or worse… the answer may lie in the programming of your internal success thermostat.

The dietetic community frequently uses the analogy of the “Metabolic Thermostat” when referring to an individual’s fixed or given metabolic setting.  It’s the genetic or conditioned programming that automatically adjusts its self to keep us at a given weight unless radically altered by external forces.

You also have an internal “Success Thermostat” that has been unconsciously programmed and set by you for a specific level.  And it maintains that level much in the same way the Metabolic Thermostat will automatically adjust to maintain that pre-programmed level no matter how hard we work to change it.

If your Success Thermostat is set for mediocrity or even failure... as soon as you start making a little too much progress the thermostat kicks on and readjusts the temperature right back to the old “comfort zone” by throwing self imposed obstacles on your path.

Like the “metabolic thermostat” of a morbidly obese individual who’s metabolism can be “re-programmed” through adjustments in diet and exercise your personal “Success Thermostat” can also be “reset” for a much greater level of achievement then you ever believed possible.

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