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Bradford_2484WbCongratulations to Jessica Paxson-Putnam, a 5’ 4 1/2″ photographers’ favorite from Tennessee, who waltzed into the ’09 IFBB Jacksonville Pro looking to improve on her runner-up finish of 2008 and made off with her first pro win.

Twenty-five finely tuned physique athletes heeded the call of Mr. Olympia—flocking to Florida to enter the Dexter Jackson and Gail Elie–produced event. The après-judging buzz had Jessica taking the title, with Jenny Lynn and Erin Stern also headed for the top three. Now that I think about it, though, my source said he thought Jessica would win, not necessarily that he thought she should win.

Bradford_0946WbBased on the photos I saw, I thought it was closer than the score sheet indicates. Jessica was leaner and more muscular looking than in the past—and she seemed to have acquired some shoulder mass since her last appearance, at the ’08 Figure Olympia. The panel gave her an eight-point edge, with second going to Erin, who had whipped her spectacular 5’8” structure into sharper condition than she displayed in her pro debut at the International last spring.

Jenny was solidly in second after the one-piece round but dropped to third when the judges saw her in her bikini. It was a just call according to the two-time Figure O champ, who said that Paxson-Putnam and Stern looked wonderful and deserved their placings. Also that she could have been tighter. For more on that, look for my interview with Ms. Lynn, coming here in a day or so.

Fourth went to Krissy Chin, while Siobhan Tewari, who earned her pro card in 2006 and has not been heard from much since, rounded out the top five. Talk about making a statement.


Based on the prejudging buzz—and the photos—I was kind of surprised that Alicia Harris finished as low as seventh. (I hope she won’t be worrying that she’s lost too much muscle.) Guess that’s why you really have to be there.

Thanks to photographer Reg Bradford for sharing the accompanying images from the ’09 Jacksonville Pro Figure (from top):

Jacksonville winner’s circle: Jenny Lynn, Jessica Paxson-Putnam and Erin Stern.

Siobhan Tewari and Krissy Chin.

Alicia Harris with her body—and hair—a little softer than they were at the Cal in May.

Here are the complete results:

1) Jessica Paxson-Putnam
2) Erin Stern
3) Jenny Lynn
4) Krissy Chin
5) Siobhan Tewari
6) Tinamarie Bloomfield
7) Alicia Harris
8) Marcy Porter
9) Tivisay Briceno
10) Petra Mertl
11) Sue Upson
12) D.J. Wallis
13) Amanda Marinelli
14) Melody Clere
15) Karen Mullarkey
16) Alana Hernandez
17) Amy Stephens
18) Tesse Wood-Thomes
19) Jacqui Jarrett
19) Starling Steele
19) Sandra Simons
19) Sabrina Taylor-Gibson
19) Michelle Theison

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