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Gee, McQuay Join Jacksonville Fray

Daryl Gee isn’t wasting any time making his pro debut. Led by the charge of 202 devotee Larry Pepe, Gee was assured he’d have a great shot at winning the Jacksonville Pro 202 this weekend. So, it will be three shows in a row for the USA Middleweight champ.

In looking at the field (13 guys as of Thursday night) I’d say Pepe, Isaac Hinds, Yogi Avidan and others could be spot on; Daryl’s toughest opponents appear to be Charles (Mason) Dixon, Tricky Jackson, Peter Putnam and Steve Namat. Can he, at 175 pounds, have a true shot at busting the field?  Absolutely. Will he be able to “peak” for the third consecutive weekend? Not sure.  Putnam will get his chance to show up his naysayers; Peter has prepared for his pro debut for 9 months and wants to shut people up who doubt his credentials. Hinds and Avidan say, on video on this site, that Peter has no shot against Gee. I said, on the same video, Putnam can finish ahead of Daryl. You know how I like to stir it up. That should do it.

And, let’s not forget my main man from Los Angeles, Stan (the Man) McQuay, who I ran into at the LA Championships a couple of weeks back. McQuay has never been the biggest dude in the field whenever he competes, but he’s always one of the best. One of the many story’s in this contest will be the reprisal of the McQuay-Dixon battle from the Nationals a couple of years back. A show where Stan’s superior conditioning bested Dixon’s mass in winning the Light heavyweight class. Come to think of it, Dixon beat Putnam two years ago to win his pro card, so Mr. Olympia and contest promoter Dexter Jackson must be clapping his hands right about now.

The line-up will also include Anthony Finocchiaro, Roland Huff, Jocelyn Jean, Jeffrey Long, Patrick Richardson, Mike Valentino and Nathan Wonsley.

Speaking of the USA, ran into Tony Pearson at the venue (also saw Pearson at the 75th Anniversary of Muscle Beach on July 4), and he looked great, complete with that charming smile. Why is the 52-year-old Hall of Famer (for those who didn’t follow the game in those days, Pearson is a 6-time Pro World Mixed Pairs champion, and well as the owner of Mr. Universe and Mr. America titles) so joyful these days?

Because the Las Vegas based person trainer is really high on the products of Wellness International Network, Ltd., a Dallas-based supplement company that produces over 40 different pieces of merchandise, distributed in 34 countries worldwide. “The company’s complete nutritional product line is featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference for Non-prescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs,” Pearson proudly says..

Pearson is so taken by the goods, as a matter of fact, that he’s become a distributor for the business. And Jerry Brainum is impressed, to. “I had the opportunity to view two products from Tony Pearson’s new supplement line, and was impressed by the quality of the ingredients. Tony told me there is no way he was associate his name with inferior quality products and I can vouch for his integrity, having known him for 33 years. People should check out Pearson’s website ( to find out more information about the entire line.”

And, let me tell you, Jerry wouldn’t give the thumbs up to any products he didn’t deem first rate as well.

Actually, got some of Pearson’s BioLean Pro Extreme protein on the kitchen counter right now. So, let me go quench my thirst, will ya?

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