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Push Your Pecs to the Limit

I like the bar because it is one object that I can push with serious weight.

Find a bench, a bar, some dumbbells and some space. Here’s a workout that will push your pecs to the limit. Get focused because it’s about to get real!

Find the nearest incline bench, and put some light weight on the bar. Grab a pair of light dumbbells and keep them close. Next, make sure you have some room on the floor nearby, as you’ll need to lie down. The advantages of this tri-set of terror are that you don’t need much room, you need minimal equipment, and you don’t have to worry about interfering with someone else’s workout. More important, no one will be in your way either.

The Exercises 

Incline barbell presses. You want to start with a pressing movement. If you can’t get to an incline bench for bar pressing, use an adjustable bench and grab another pair of dumbbells. I like the bar because it is one object that I can push with serious weight.

Incline dumbbell flyes. Next you focus on the individual sides and use a movement that will create a stretch to make room for more nutrient-rich blood to get in there and create the maximum pump possible in the little time you have.

Pushups. There is no more basic exercise for the upper body than pushups. You can do them anywhere, which is the reason you add them to this equation. After you finish the flyes, get on the floor and knock out some pushups to finish your set before taking a brief break.

The Plan

As mentioned, you perform the exercises as tri-sets, doing all three in a row without resting in between. Only after you finish the pushups do you take a breather to sip water, stretch and add weight or change dumbbells. That is the only rest time you get because, remember, the clock is ticking.

Editor’s note: Roger Lockridge has been featured at and written for Labrada Nutrition. He was named the 2009 Male Writer of the Year. To contact him, send e-mail to [email protected]IM


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