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Pump Up The Volume For Beginners

When it come to lifting weights, is more always better? That’s what a study published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research tried to find out.

Scientists conducted a study to find out if more actually is better. This study compared the effects among three different six-month training programs on muscle growth, strength, and endurance in men who had no prior weightlifting experience.

All subjects lifted three times per week, the only difference was the number of sets per-formed per exercise. Groups performed either one, three, or five sets. Ultimately, training with five sets per exercise resulted in greater strength gains in the bench press, lat pulldown, shoulder press, and leg press, and significantly enhanced upper-arm muscle size, com-pared to training with fewer sets.

While all training programs decreased body-fat percentage and increased lean body mass, the results from this study demonstrate that volume plays a major role for beginner lifters.

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