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Product Spotlight: BURN ultra by Core Nutritionals

Innovation never rests. Core Nutritionals recently reimagined their popular BURN Ultra Thermogenic with an updated and improved formula. While many thermogenics are blunt instruments, crammed to the gills with caffeine and a dusting of other BURNingredients, the new BURN Ultra is a sophisticated and—dare we say—elegant product that targets fat stores and boosts energy through multiple avenues of action. BURN Ultra combines several different types of caffeine derivatives. Since some forms of caffeine burn more fat when the body is at rest while others are more effective during exercise, and even others provide more cognitive enhancement than physical stimulation and vice versa, the caffeine matrix in BURN Ultra creates a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts. While it can be used as an effective pre-workout, BURN Ultra’s primary goal is to assist in mobilizing fat stores. Used strategically in two servings throughout the day, it can provide sustained mental and physical energy without the jittery nausea that comes with too much straight caffeine. Best of all, Core Nutritionals is one of the few companies that is leading the industry to a new age of transparency. Each bottle of BURN Ultra clearly states the exact amount of each ingredient used, all of which land within the recommended serving size necessary for maximum efficacy. BURN Ultra is available in Raspberry Lemonade and Mango flavors, and provides a generous 56 servings per container.

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