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Posing practice

I’m about to leave the gym to head out to San Antonio for the the NPC South Texas Championships.  I was lucky today!  I had a totally full schedule of personal training from 6am until 2pm, but several clients cancelled giving me time to get some things done….including this blog entry.  One of my clients today was 2007 Texas Shredder Classic Masters Champion, Don Strickland.  Don has been coming to me for one-on-one posing work, so I get to practice my posing as well.  Don is preparing for the NGA Southern States which will be held in Galveston on July 13th and 14th.  Don is in just his second year of competition and is improving rapidly.  I think he will do very well at his show!  I welcomed the chance to get a pump going and pose.  We went through the mandatories 6 times.  I was feeling pretty beat after that, but I’m looking good.  I’m very excited about the show tomorrow!  I will post the results as soon as I get to a computer on Sunday.

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