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Posing Practice

I’ve been getting in some great posing sessions.  On Friday I actually got 2 posing sessions, one with Don Stricklin and another with David Nall.  Today we had a really good session.  Don and David were here, and also WNBF Pro, Charles Fuller.  Don and David are both competing next weekend, while Charles is preparing for the WNBF Pro US Cup on July 28th.  Everybody is looking really good and I’m sure will do very well in their competitions.  I was pretty impressed with myself today!  I seem to be getting noticeably harder every day.  With just a tiny bit of fine tuning, I think I’m going to be 100% for the Team Universe.

We ran through the mandatories 5 or 6 times.  It’s so cool to pose with other people.  I find myself flexing harder and holding my poses longer when I have others to pose with.  And, I push myself through more rounds, too!  I’m really excited about how I’m looking!

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