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Photo shoot

I just back into the office after 2 days of photo shoots with Ironman photographer, Michael Neveux.  Mike’s work is amazing and his attention to detail is just extraordinary (that’s why his work is so damn good!).  On Wednesday we shot 2 abdominal training videos and a Power Bodybuilding Bench Press workout that will be available soon for download to IPod.  In addition to the vids we also got stills of the ab exercises and the bench press.  When I got up yesterday my abs were super-sore!  But, it was back to the studio to get a cover shot with Pullup Queen, Crystal West.  Crystal is a really sweet woman and was a lot of fun to work with.  And, her pullup exploits are absolutely mind boggling!  I wasn’t about to get suckered into a chinup challenge with her!  After lunch we did some physique shots in front of a really cool coragated tin backdrop, and then it was back to the weights for more training pics.  I love getting in the studio with Michael and his great staff, but make no mistake….getting the photos you see in Ironman Magazine is exhausting work!!!  I’m sore and tired!  And, let me tell you I sweated my butt off during the shoots!  There was no need for fake sweat!

Time to take a nap now as I’m very sleep deprived.  I got home at 1am and got up at 5am to do my cardio before my first client.  I want to be freaky-shredded for the Team Universe in 2 weeks!

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