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NAC Culture Clash: Canadians Converge on Cleveland

LibermanNAC09WmProCrWbCandidates from north of the border grabbed the overall titles at three of the four women’s sports contested at the ’09 IFBB North American Championships, which were held in Cleveland on August with longtime rising-star Alison Ethier getting her pro card in fitness at last, Silvana Salvati swooping in from Toronto to pluck the figure title from the grasp of a battalion of ambitious quarter-turners, and Jody Wald repeating her light-heavyweight win from 2008 in women’s bodybuilding. The biggest example of Canadian muscle came in the form of heavyweight flexer Zoa Linsey, who was coming off a runner-up finish at the Canadian Nationals on August 22. The 5’9 1/2” trainer, who lives in Japan, flew into Cleveland covered in well-conditioned muscle and dashed a lot of hopes, including those of heavyweight second-placer Holly Geersen, who was coming off a class win at the USA in July. Linsey scored commanding class and overall victories in the open as well as masters divisions.

As with promoter Gary Udit’s other big annual show, the Masters Nationals, the number of divisions and pro cards given out at the North Americans expanded in 2009. In women’s bodybuilding a card now goes to the overall winner of the masters division as well as the open. As so often happens with multiple age divisions, however, the same athlete, Zoa Linsey, won both.

Thanks to some quick action taken by Gary and the powers that be after the Masters Nat’s and the brouhaha regarding Tracy Mason’s double win there, however, the rules regarding open and masters crossover athletes and pro cards have been tweaked. Basically, if an athlete has won one overall and wins the second, the second pro card goes to the overall runner-up.

Reaping the benefit was veteran lightweight competitor Tammy Patnode, who, like Linsey, won her class in the masters division as well as the open. The 5’ New York resident, who took second at the NPC Nationals last year, had her best physique on, and the judges handed Tammy her long-sought ticket to the pros.

Wald’s win in the light heavies dashed the hopes of top United States contender Chris Sabo, second at the USA in July, who had to settle for the runner-up spot once again.

The middleweight title went to Amy Sibcy. For complete NAC results, see below.

Photo: Tammy Patnode and Zoa Linsey.

’09 IFBB North American Women’s Bodybuilding Championships

1) Tammy Patnode**
2) Lisa James
3) Margaret Negrete
4) Ninfa Castillo
5) Caroline Krakower
6) Barbara Stannard

1) Amy Sibcy
2) Cheryl Faust
3) Pam Wentz
4) Maria Mikola
5) Tami Bellon

Light Heavyweight
1) Jody Wald
2) Christine Sabo
3) LaDawn McDay
4) Janeen Lankowski
5) Diana Cook
6) Sylvia Cowan
7) Kathy Connors
8) Sylvia Chavez
9) Leslie Crook
10) Myra Adams
11) Jocelyn Gorman
12) Leah Collier

1) Zoa Linsey*
2) Holly Geersen
3) Monique Jones
4) Angela Rayburn
5) Wendy McMaster
6) Michelle Brent
7) Keli Watkins
8) Christina Rhodes
9) Robyn Mentgen
10) Pamela Franklin
11) Andrea Morisse-Thiel
12) Lauren Laplante
13) Tammy Jones
14) Emanuela Silvagni
15) Demetria Franklin
16) Jill Theobald

Masters 35 and Over Lightweight
1) Tammy Patnode
2) Amy Sibcy
3) Lisa James
4) Cheryl Faust
5) Margaret Negrete
6) Rita Kaya
7) Pam Wentz
8) Ninfa Castillo
9) Caroline Krakower
10) Ellen Woodley
11) Maria Mikola

Masters 35 and Over Heavyweight
1) Zoa Linsey* **
2) Melody Spetko
3) Jody Wald
4) Angela Rayburn
5) Christine Sabo
6) Wendy McMaster
7) Michelle Brent
8) Janeen Lankowski
9) Robyn Mentgen
10) Christina Rhodes
11) Keli Watkins
12) Pamela Franklin
13) Andrea Morisse-Thiel
14) Sylvia Cowan
15) Kathy Connors
16) Lauren Laplante
17) Emanuela Silvagni
17) Jill Theobald
17) Leslie Crook

*Overall winner.
**Earned pro card.

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