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NY Pro 1: Candice Keene Is on a Hot Streak


The battle of Candice Keene v Nicole Wikins v a lineup of 22 at the New York Pro Figure last night proved even more dramatic than expected. Keene sizzled past them all into first as if it were the skip in her hop, skip and jump into the Olympia (the hop being her victory over Erin Stern at the Figure International in March). She looked good. Darned good. Like a small bodybuilderer…er, physique athlete…er.… (The standards have shifted so much over the years, sometimes I lose track.) The point is, Candice’s condition was on and her bodyparts were flowing, while Wilkins was, as described by those on the scene, “not in shape.” The accompanying photo pretty much tells the story.

Swann Cardot outconditioned Wilkins to swoop into the runner-up spot. The French quarter-turner, who petitioned her national federation for pro status after a successful career in the U.S. in the NPC, was improved from her condition at the Pittsburgh earlier in the month, and she couldn’t have had a bigger weekend if she’d won the show altogether. The previous evening Swann had become engaged to pro bodybuilder Jonathan Delarosa, and her own big finish was followed by Jon’s fourth-place landing in the New York Pro open men’s division.

Fourth place in the excellent lineup went to Rebecca Vera, with Monica Specking sliding into the top five by a single point ahead of Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz.

Find the complete results below.

Photo (courtesy of

Telling callout (from left): Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz, Swann Cardot, Candice Keene, Rebecca Vera and Nicole Wilkins.

’13 New York Pro Figure

1) Candice Keene
2) Swann Cardot
3) Nicole Wilkins
4) Rebecca Vera
5) Monica Specking
6) Marla Baeza Diaz
7) Andrea Cantone
8) Corinna Booth
9) Patty Zariello
10) Lauren Cascio
11) Rebecca Schubeck
12) Melanise Pettee
13) Katerina Tarbox
14) Amy Puglise
15) Kenyatta Arietta
16) Shelly Albetta
16) Michelle DeRosa
16) Tiani Norman
16) Marcy Porter
16) Cinderella Richardson
16) Tissilli Brandi Rogers
16) Elvimar Sanchez

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