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Camala at the Cal—Hangin' With the Big Girls

Cal13_3717WbCr Camala Rodriguez picked up her first pro win in figure at the California Pro Championship last night. The 5’5″ crossover from fitness brought her statuesque form to the Culver City Veterans Memorial Auditorium and conquered a seriously deep lineup of 29. It was truly an international competition, with women coming from as far as Serbia and Spain as well as Canada and a slew of worthy contenders from south of the border.

The judges’ decisions were unanimous across the board. Alison Frahn repeated took the runner-up spot for the second year in a row with her nicely balanced package. Like Rodriguez, she was not too hard and not too soft. Her second-place landing brought her five points on the Olympia invite board, with more likely to come.

In third Kimberly Shepard got the judges’ attention to earn her best-ever placing since turning pro in 2010. Erin Harding, who got her card at the Canadian Nationals last summer, got on the board as well with a fourth-place finish in her second pro competition.

Rounding out the top five was Francine Sablan in her first appearance of the 2013 season. I liked the look of Julie Mayer-Hyman, who got the sixth spot.

Find the complete results below.

Photos: Camala Rodriguez (top)

The final callout at the judging shows why you can’t always read too much into who’s in the center (from left): Julie Mayer Hyman, Kimberly Shepherd, Erin Harding, Allison Frahn, Camala Rodriguez and Francine Sablan.


’13 California Pro Figure Championship
1) Camala Rodriguez
2) Allison Frahn
3) Kimberly Shepherd
4) Erin Harding
5) Francine Sablan
6) Julie Mayer Hyman
7) Victoria Adelus
8) Elizabeth Jenkins
9) Michelle Shepherd
10) Wendy Fortina
12) Georgina Lona
13) Alessandra Pinheiro
14) Krista Dunn
15) Christine Kluger
16) Julia Aragon
16) Leah Berti
16) Dawn Fernandez
16) Maria Garcia
16) Rose Hendricks
16) Monica Labriola
16) Michele Mayberry
16) Queren Pacheco
16) Tiffany Radzwill
16) Jill St. Laurent
16) Laurie Schnelle
16) Tamara Sedlack
16) Bojana Vasiljevic

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