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Toronto—The Scarpetta Decision


Every time I think women’s physique is close to turning into women’s bodybuilding, a show comes along to serve as a reality check. The Toronto Pro Supershow Women’s Bodybuilding contest, held yesterday, June 1, was such a show. From my lurking spot in the contest-coverage forum of my choice I got the impression that the battle was on between Maria Rita Bello and Anne Freitas. Bello’s conditioning was beyond the imagination, an impression that was born out by the photos. Wow. Beyond peeled doesn’t do it justice. So when the judges selected Bello in third and Freitas in second, with Jennifer Scarpetta, a worthy competitor who had been praised but dismissed as “smaller” in the commentary, taking the trophy, the top check, the gift bag and the invitation to compete in the Ms. Olympia come September, shock and disappointment ensued. “Why, oh, why?” “Had the judges lost their minds?” And the ever popular, “Isn’t that why they have WPD?”

Let’s take those penetrating questions one at a time. 1) Why? Structure and total-package factors come to mind. It’s possible that condition for conditioning’s sake frequently gets you third. 2) As for the judges losing their minds, it’s not likely. Consider that the head judge here was New York’s Steve Weinberger, known to be more sympathetic to more-muscular physiques in the women’s divisions than some of his colleagues, and you have to conclude that the panel was indeed sending a message—that Scarpetta had the best total package of size, symmetry, proportion, conditioning and flow of the bodyparts onstage last night. Finally, 3) re WPD: Well, no, although sometimes it seems that way. This was not one of them.

Melody Spetko took fourth, and Michelle Cummings got fifth to take the final Olympia-derby point up for grabs. Find the complete results below.

Photo, courtesy of (from left): Maria Rita Bello, Anne Freitas, Jennifer Scarpetta and Melody Spetko.

’13 IFBB Toronto Supershow Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
1) Jennifer Scarpetta
2) Anne Freitas
3) Rita Bello
4) Melody Spetko
5) Michelle Cummings
6) Athena Siganakis
7) Marina Lopez
8) Rene Marven
9) Maryse Manios
10.) Sharon Mould
11) Christine Envall
12) Michelle Brent
13) Janeen Lankowski
14) Gillian Kovak
15) Laura Davies
16) Guisy Caputo

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