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No Huong-ups at the Sacramento Pro

The race for the ’09 Figure Olympia has officially begun, with the action getting starting at the Sacramento Pro on November 1 and the competition picking up pretty much where it left off before the ’08 Olympia Weekend. Huong Arcinas, third at the Tournament of Champions on September 20, elevated to the top of the lineup, scoring her first pro victory and knocking a couple of foregone conclusions out of the foreground. As so often happens in the quarter-turn-for-quarters ranks, a couple of newcomers stole into the judges’ hearts to round out the top three and earn the two other Olympia qualifications up for grabs. The vivacious Jamie Ford (formerly Costa), who got her pro card by winning the A-class at the USA in July, surprised no one by taking second in her pro debut. The talented April Fortier, seventh at the TOC and at the Cal last spring, also didn’t surprise as she moved into the contenders’ category with a third-place finish.

Twenty-six ladies converged on the California capital hoping to get those qualifications out of the way early, including Michelle Flake, who won the show last year but skipped the O, and Darlina Brown, third last time, who needed to put her didn’t-make-the-cut Olympia performance behind her. So much for the best-laid plans. Another ’08 USA class winner, Kristin Nunn, got the fourth -place spot in the winner’s circle, while Flake had to settle for fifth.

You can count Huong among those who are thrilled to have their invites to next season’s big finale secured before the holiday break. Now you can concentrate on the joy of competing and making a couple of bucks, eh Huong?

Here are the complete results:

’08 IFBB Sacramento Pro Figure

1) Huong Arcinas*
2) Jamie Ford*
3) April Fortier*
4) Kristin Nunn
5) Michelle Flake
6) Kristi Tauti
7) Desha Rodriguez
8) Carin Hawkins
9. Rosa-Maria Romero
10) Darlina Brown
11) Liane Seiwald
12) Angela Terlesk
13) Mendi Sakamoto
14) Candice John
15) Michelle Craven
16) Walesla Valle
17) Christina Mehlin
18) Aida Aragon
18) Nadya Castella
18) Maiken Embor
18) Celeste Gonzalez
18) Carol King
18) Tanya Merryma
18 Consuelo Rojas
18) Lynn Widdowson
DNF) Patricia Mell
* Qualified for the ’09 Figure Olympia

Here’s a video interview I did with Huong on the evening before she made her Olympia debut in September.

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