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NGA Newsletter and Upcoming Shows – April 2012

As always, I like to begin by thanking our pro and amateur athletes, certified trainers and sponsors for your support. The NGA has reached our highest point of our success and we are still growing thanks to your support and belief in our quest “Drug Free Athletes of America”.

We are happy to announce the following new promoters who have joined our organization. Please check our Please check our NGA Amateur Schedule and the NGA Pro Schedule for their contact information and date of their show:

Alicia Burgin – Tyler, Texas
Anthony Boulware – East Orange, New Jersey
Chris Challenger, Tampa, Florida
Mike Halsey – Schenectady, New York
John Humble – Hamilton, Montana
Derrick Rosser
Craig Toth (returning promoter) – Boise,Idaho
Dr. Marco Zanetti, Pres. FIBBN Europe – France


The NGA has always maintained the policy of our organization to treat all natural athletes with respect regardless of their affiliations of other organizations. Now it has come to my attention that there are a few organizations that claim that they will not accept an NGA pro athlete if we are not affiliated with them.

In my 32 years as President and Founder of the NGA I have always tried to stay away from politics in our sport. We DO NOT discriminate any pro athlete who is affiliated with any organizations as long as they are from a reputable, recognized, and long standing organization, and not one where someone decides to form an organization overnight. They want to benefit and claim the glory, but have not put in their years and hard work, nor given up their full time job to respond to correspondence and phone calls every time of a day. Yes, e-mail and texting is great for business, but in doing so we have lost the communication of talking to one another.

As we begin the 2012 season of our sport we are happy to announced that we have created the NGA Pro Gallery. Check it out and we hope to be adding more profiles and pictures of our professional athletes. We also will be adding a profile for our NGA Certified Trainers.


Andrew Bostinto
NGA President & Founder

*The NGA is a not-for-profit organization. For further information on contest entry, sponsorship, or promoting a show, please contact the NGA office.


Francine Bostinto
NGA Vice President
[email protected]

PO Box 970579
Coconut Creek, FL 33097-0579
(954) 344-8410

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