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Next stop…Bialystok Poland


Here’s a couple more photos from the IFBB World Championships in Qatar.  Today all of the arrangements are finalized for the IFBB Masters World Championships in Poland this weekend.  Nothing like taking it down to the wire.  I’ve been dieting and training hard since returning from Qatar on the hope that everything would fall into place in time to get to compete in the Masters World Championships and finally it has!  I’m super-excited about getting another chance to compete internationally this year.  I’m more than a little nervous about traveling by myself on this trip.  On the Qatar trip I had Diana there to do my thinking for me and Ken Taylor to handle all of the registration and room arrangements.  And, it was great hanging out with my teammates Sam, Kelly and Wendell….plus my old friend Lee Williams from the UK.  Going solo is a bit imtimidating but I’m sure there will be some people there that I know.  The weather will be a drastic change.  In Qatar is was in the 90’s.  In Poland it’s just above freezing!!!

I guess I’ll start repacking my luggage today.  I so glad I’m getting this opportunity because I’m very ready!  This morning my bodyfat was 2.5% on the skindex calipers and my bodyweight at 170.2 lbs.

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