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Mondays are for leg training

As I’ve done nearly every Monday for the last 29+ years, I trained legs.  The leg workout is the most demanding, but it’s also my favorite.  I got my workout started about 2pm and was training solo.  I started with an easy 5 minute ride on a spin bike and then headed straight to the power rack for squats.

My warm up was 4 sets of super deep squats 95X10X10, 135X10, 185X10

Next I set the pins in the power rack at a level to stop me at what I would consider a half squat.  Here’s a pic:

My definition of a half squat

 I wanted to go considerably heavier than what I’ve been doing the last couple months without hurting my back (which has really been bothering me for a couple months but felt pretty good today).   My goal was to get the feel of some heavier weights and next week I’ll take them deeper.

Half Squats  225X5, 275X5, 315X5, 365X5, 385X1, 405X1 (these weren’t max reps…just getting the feel of the heavier weight again)

I performed the half squats with a 6 second count on the way down.

Then I dropped the pins to a level where I could go to parrallel.

Parallel Squats 315X6X5 (6 seconds down again)

Pulled the pins so I could go super deep

Deep Squat 225X10 (3-4 seconds down)

Leg Press 270X15, then I did the next 5 sets with just a 30 second rest  450X10, 540X10, 630X10X10X10

Leg Curls 30 seconds rests and 3 seconds on the down stroke 45X10X10X8X6

Leg Extensions 30 second rests with a pause in the contracted position and 3 seconds down  90X10X10X10X8

Had difficulty getting the post workout protein drink down.

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