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Mid Feb

This week Diana and I took a short but much needed vacation to Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day. We had a blast!!!
However I haven’t done a lot of training this week.
Monday before we left I got in a quick leg workout which was my best squat session in months and the adductor held together.
Squats below parallel w 45 sec rests. 95×15, 135×10,165×10, 185x10x10x8
Leg press 270×50

On Tues I did pushups in the room 10,25, 25, 20, 20, 15 with 30 sec rests

Today it’s chest/lat supersets during my “lunch” break

Bench press/high pulley row
95/90×15, 135/130×12, 165/150×10, 185/170×10, 205/190×8, 205/200×6, 185/170×12/9, 185/150×10

Pumped:!!! Pro Fusion drink and back to work.

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