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Leg Workouts

Home-Grown Legs by Steve Holman
How to Build Tree-Trunk-Size Thighs and Jagged, Jutting Calves With Nothing but DumbbellsCalves and Calf Nots by Greg Zulak
Even an advanced bodybuilder will cry like a baby while using very light weights on 100-rep sets—but it works.

Carving Calves by Greg Zulak
The more blood you can force into a muscle to cause a skin-bursting pump, the better.

Hamstring Helpers by Bill Starr
Everyone who lifts seriously or plays any sport understands how important hamstrings are, but in truth, they’re really a neglected group.

Time to Squat by Bill Starr
Clock your quads with a workout that\’s second to none.

You Don’t Know Squat by Bill Starr
This basic, core exercise has many variations—many more than most imagine.

Hip Service by Bill Starr
Almost all strength athletes take their hips for granted and only become aware of their importance when they become injured in some manner.

Strong Shall Survive: Time to Squat by Bill Starr
Clock your quads with a workout that’s second to none.

Real Bodybuilding: Tough to Grow Legs by George Turner
Prescription For Tough To Grow Legs

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