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Leg training with Abby and Brenda

Today I got to workout with both Brenda and Abby Marie.  I’m sure that I’m the envy of every guy in the gym when I get to train with both of them at the same time!  It’s always a great time and a fantastic workout with these gorgeous gals.  Anyway, today was serious leg training…well, every leg workout is serious leg training!  Today we really blasted’em!  I had to use the handrail to make it upstairs to my home office to get this blog in.  I’m sure I will be plenty sore tomorrow!  Here’s today’s leg workout:

Leg Press  7 sets 20-25 reps

Squats (below parallel) 5 sets 5-15 reps (I usually keep these around 10-12 reps, but my heaviest set was a bit too heavy.  So, I had to redeem myself with a higher rep finishing set.)

Leg curls supersetted with leg extensions  5 supersets 10-12 reps.

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