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Jenny Sings the Siren's Song

TCM09_3151WbImMore good stuff from my journey to Pittsburgh for the Master’s Nationals last month is emerging, in this case an interview I did with  Jenny Lynn. The once and perhaps future Figure Olympia champ (she’s a two-time winner) was in town to appear in costume at the “Iron Sirens” comics booth at the show and also to unveil her two-weeks-out body for the judges’ critique.

It was a fun interview, during which the subject of butt kicking came up, both the butt kicking Siren Jenny would be doing to the bad Sirens in future issues and the footwork she planned for her competitors at the Jacksonville Pro and  the Europa Super Show in August and the Olympia in September. Click below to listen:

Ruth & Siren Jenny

Since then the Jacksonville Pro has come and gone, and Jenny had to settle for third. I contacted her for an update—and to see if I could get a rise out her regarding getting beaten by gals from the new generation of competitors, Jessica Paxon-Putnam and Erin Stern. I shouldn’t have bothered. The one thing Ms. Lynn definitely is not is a whiner:

Was your physique where you wanted it to be?

No, I need to be tighter.  But, with eight more weeks before the Olympia, getting to the level of conditioning I need to be at will be no problem.

What tweaks are you planning for the next show?

Oh, that’s a secret!  Ahhh, just teasing…no real rocket science…more cardio, less carbs.

Any comments on getting beaten by a couple of (relative) babies?

The women who placed above me—Jessica and Erin—deserved to.  They looked fabulous and I certainly told them so.  I have competed in 30 contests and have gone through every possible experience from amazingly surreal to horrifying!  I’m very happy for them.  I’ll be considerably better in two weeks and my best ever in eight weeks for the O!!

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