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Swami Nails It Again

IMG_0212Okay, this one wasn’t so tough to predict, so I won’t pat myself on the back too hard with the victories by Dennis James in the Open, and David Henry in the 202 and Under at the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships held over the weekend in Tampa, Florida.

Two Canadians, Fouad Abiad and Ben Pakulski, followed Dennis the Menace in the final placings to earn a spot on the Mr. Olympia stage in seven weeks. Bill Wilmore and Ben White landed in fourth and fifth, respectively, in the 27-man line-up.

Henry, as I said last week, went on to coast in the 202 and Under title, with England’s John Hodgson and Lee Powell finishing in the second and third spots to qualify for that division’s line-up at the Las Vegas Convention Center over the Olympia Weekend.

As I also said before, I wish Henry would have entered the main event in Florida; I think the 5’5″, 195-pounder would have had a shot at winning it all. Now I’m curious to see what Dynamic David does this weekend at the Europa Supershow in Dallas, Texas, where many of the same physique stars from the Tampa event will flex it out again. Go after the big title, David..I think you could pull it off.

Your thoughts, gang?

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