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Increase Your No Response For Massive Pump

You may think that the reason you’re putting so much effort in at the gym is to increase your “yes” responses, but before and after training, more “NO” is what you should be seeking.

NO, otherwise known as nitric oxide, is a tiny gas molecule that encourages your blood vessels to relax, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscle tissue during training sessions, helping to fuel workouts. After workouts, NO encourages faster recovery and better growth.

One of the best ways to increase your NO production is to boost the amount of circulating arginine in your system. For years, athletes and bodybuilders supplemented arginine to achieve this. But research has shown that supplemental arginine is degraded by the digestive process and taking citrulline, another amino, is better for boosting arginine levels. That’s because citrulline is more effective in passing into the body where it can then be converted to arginine.

A recent study published in The Journal of Strength and Condition-ing Research showed that subjects increased their ability to perform bench-press reps when supplementing citrulline malate before training. In addition, those taking citrulline malate experienced reduced soreness afterward compared to the placebo group.

IM Advice: You may be better off taking in both citrulline malate and arginine compared to either alone. For best results, take three to six grams of citrulline about 30 minutes before workouts. In addition, supplement up to three doses of three to five grams of arginine per day, getting in one dose 30 minutes before training.

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