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I literally said “thank you” to my workout timer after this one…

When the beeping went off to let me know I was done the workout, I actually said “thank you”…

…out loud…

…to my timer.

What can I say…it just slipped out.

Here’s what I did (and if you’re up for a challenge, it’s something you can do, too!):

  • barbell squats with a light weight (135 lbs on the bar)
  • for 40 minutes total
  • doing 3 rep sets
  • with 10 seconds rest in between sets (not a typo…TEN seconds)

That’s it…just put a light weight on the bar and hammer away at those 3 rep sets on ten seconds rest until your total time is up.

And if you get to a point where you can’t do 3 reps on a set, then bump the rest up to 20 seconds (you might recognize this as my Time-Volume Training protocol) and keep going.

The first 10 minutes was easy…the next 10 wasn’t bad. The third 10 minute block…challenging…the last 10 minute block…swearing pretty much continuously at myself.

So yeah, when that timer went off, I literally said “thank you” out loud to my timer and MEANT it… :).

And before you ask…yes, you CAN do this type of training with other exercises. I’ve done it with decline push-ups as well. It’s incredibly effective and will really hit your muscles in a way they’ve never been hit before.

It will also show you where your form might be off, too. Any issues you have will be magnified by hundreds of reps. For me, I started getting a tweak in my right-side lower back after the first 10 minutes.

I looked at my foot placement and my left foot was placed a little further back than my right foot, which was causing some torque to run through the right side of my lower back at the bottom of each squat. I fixed the foot placement but the back stayed tweaked for the remaining 30 minutes (which wasn’t fun but I grinded it out anyway).

This type of training is called “Metabolic Resistance Training”…or MRT, for short.

And to me, MRT is simply THE most effective way to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. I very rarely do conventional cardio…I find it pretty boring and ineffective. MRT is much better and much more fun.

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