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How To Become A Physique Beast


By launching into this highly intense hybrid training methods plan, you can look like a pro and perform like an athlete.

When it comes to enhanced athletic performance and physique development, you can indeed have it all. The hybrid training method combines the best attributes from endurance athletes like soccer players, CrossFit athletes and MMA fighters, with the muscle mass of traditional bodybuilders. If your goal is to attain muscle, lose fat and elevate performance to a sky-high level, a hybrid training method can help you achieve endurance and also size.

Hybrid training alternates between two different training methods. The first focuses on athletic performance—fast-paced lifts—which are total-body, resistance exercise protocols geared toward enhancing work capacity and increasing strength, endurance, aerobic capacity and athleticism. The second training method is a muscle group–specific focus lifts—resistance exercise protocols geared toward maximizing muscle-group-specific performance, growth and aesthetics.

Fast-paced lifts are rooted in free-weight-based multi-joint movements (e.g., squats, lunges, chest presses, rows, pull-ups, etc.). In general, these workouts are performed two to four times a week. Each workout consists of two to four “complexes,” with each complex comprised of two to eight exercises performed for 30 to 60 seconds with 10 to 20 seconds of rest between exercises for three to 10 rounds.

Focus lifts are bodybuilding-style protocols. In general, these workouts are performed two to four times a week. Focus lifts will emphasize one to three muscle groups (e.g., chest, back, shoulders, legs, biceps, triceps, etc.). Volume guidelines have their own protocol: If you’re training one muscle group, select eight to 10 exercises; two muscle groups, select five to six exercises per group; three muscle groups, select three to four exercises per group. It is common to perform two to four sets/exercise and between 15 and 6 reps/set.

With this hybrid training method, traditional cardio is greatly minimized.  “Cardio” comes in the form of work-dense fast-paced lifts. Hybrid training methods have the power to transform you into a leaner, more muscular and high-performance machine. Be superhuman: focus, perform and see results!

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